Hanna and Jon. A Dream Wedding in Gut Sonnenhausen.

I usualy don’t write posts in English. However, for this particular wedding I decided to do so as quite a few wedding guests don’t speak German. This post is all about the dream wedding I was honored to photograph last October.

I met Hanna and Jon for the first time in New York City last January. We met for a coffee, discussed the upcoming wedding and had a PreWedding session in the Central Park. It was a beautiful but chilly winter day (actually very chilly!) and Hanna was pregnant, so we didn’t do that much. Nevertheless, it was great fun and the pictures turned out amazing! So we got really excited for the big day in October.

Winter Fotoshooting in New York City

The civil ceremony (with the very family only) took place in NYC, for the Big Day everybody gathered together @ Gut Sonnenhausen, a beautiful estate nearby Munich.

While the bride was getting ready I had a bit of time to capture all the details. And there were lots! Hanna decided to wear a stunning bride gown during the day and another one for the night party. I couldn’t tell which one I loved more! (https://www.agnesfashiongroup.com/index.php, https://www.brautgalerie-muenchen.de/index.html).

Jonathan knew Hanna would look awesome but little did he know, what his bride would actually wear and even less that there was a second dress for the evening.

No need to mention: of course she had two pairs of shoes as well….

The flower concept for the whole wedding was developed by Maria Irlbeck (www.das-blühende-atelier.de). I have often worked with Maria already, but she never fails to surprise with fresh new ideas.

And boy, she did it again!

She built a flower arch in the orchard and threaded single flowers on threads. These hung like a flower curtain in the arch. The similar flowers were used for the bridal bouquet, the badge for the groom, the flower girls and the bracelets for the bridesmaids. Beautifully simple, simply beautiful.

Since not everybody speaks both languages ​​(esp children), the couple booked a bilingual speaker for the wedding ceremony. His speech took a bit more time than usual, but speaking two languages was obviously entertaining … for some young guests ;)

Don’t you love the flowers?

A great speech always reveals a bit of the bride’s and groom’s life ;)

Jon’s son had the honor to bring the rings. The most intimate moment of the ceremony is the vow.

Stomping on a glass is one of the best-known features of Jewish weddings where traditionally the groom smashes one napkin-wrapped glass. The fragility of glass suggests the fragility of human relationships. The broken glass is as a kind of incantation: “As this glass shatters, so may our marriage never break.”

The yard of Gut Sonnenhausen is the perfect place for the reception and the wedding cake.

Congrats to the newlyweds! The autumn weather was just perfect for the wedding reception and the wedding cake in the yard of Sonnenhausen.

It was an awesome afternoon and the park-like area of  Gut Sonnenhausen offers many opportunities for great pictures.

One of the most important pictures for your wedding album are pictures with the fam, particularly with the grandparents. Those pictures are going to be more priceless, the more time goes by.

Make sure, you get as many as possible!

The former horse riding hall of Gut Sonnenhausen was decorated for the wedding dinner. The huge front door of the hall made a perfect background for another set of pictures.

The former horse riding hall of Gut Sonnenhausen is just the perfect venue for weddings starting from 100 guests and more.

Let’s have a little look inside! The former horse riding hall is just incredible. Maria put tall silver candlesticks on the tables, decorated with the same flowers as before. Small glass vases with tiny bouquets of flowers have complemented the fab table decoration.

A wedding without a Photo Booth? Never.

Good cooking starts with excellent ingredients! Gut Sonnenhausen only uses organic products and the food is always delicious.

Later in the evening we enjoyed some awesome speeches of Jake and some good friends of the wedding couple.

Imagine to prepare a wedding flash mob with guests living somewhat 4000 miles apart.

We enjoyed a surprise slide show and even more surprising flash mob.

I’d give an Oscar for this, just imagine to organise a flash mob for a wedding with people you’ve never seen before, even living 4000 miles away from each other! I am pretty sure, the couple felt the same.

The perfect song, the perfect performance, the perfect couple. Let’s get the party started! The barn kitchen opened its door for a delicious sweet buffet. Hanna used this time gap to change the dress.

The only way to keep your wedding memories for the generations to come is in a beautiful signature wedding album.

The beautiful signature wedding album reflects all the beauty of the mesmerising day.
You will find a excerpt copy of the book bellow and I’d like to invite you to take a look yourself.


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